The mounting complexity of healthcare, including ever-increasing options for diagnostic testing and treatment, coupled with clinician time constraints and cognitive limitations, have outstripped human capacity to further improve clinical outcomes.

As a result, despite breakthroughs in medical treatments, doctors keep making harmful diagnostic errors and still cannot tackle life-threatening patient non-adherence.

To address the previous challenges and provide sophisticated, high-quality medical care, medical practitioners need to go beyond health records, collaborate effectively and draw on the knowledge and expertise of other healthcare professionals throughout a patient-centered and teamwork-oriented health care delivery process.

In this context, Collaborate is committed to helping doctors significantly improve patient outcomes by facilitating effective collaboration and communication among all involved parties in the medical care delivery process: doctors, additional care team members, patients and their families.

Our Commitment


Eliminate clinical diagnostic errors & patient non-adherence by reframing the medical care delivery process as technology driven, patient-centered, team-based activity.


Develop modern, state of the art technology solutions that help doctors improve healthcare outcomes and deliver better care experiences.

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