Our focus is on solo medical practitioners and in particular on Psychiatrists,Neurologists, Nephrologists, Diabetologists , Endocrinologists, Cardiologists, Pediatricians and GPs as these specialties involve numerous patient encounters, complex cases and long-term therapies where the accuracy of diagnosis and the monitoring and engagement of patients between visits is critical.

However, all medical specialties can be invited from a subscribed doctor in order to use the platform for collaboration (that is to provide a 2nd opinion on a shared medical case).
By all means. Collaborate is free for up to 50 patients for as long as you want, with all the features included. Therefore go ahead, sign-up, invite a colleague or patient and start experimenting with our best-in-class collaboration and communication features.
Collaborate is currently available only in English but it will soon be available in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek.
Of course. The core features of Collaborate are universal and not country specific. Also we follow all international security and privacy standards therefore we most likely cover all your regulatory needs. In any case, feel free to contact us if you want to request a custom modification.
While common tools mimic legacy CRM logic that focuses on efficiencies, Collaborate was designed from scratch to help doctors improve clinical outcomes by simplifying patient-provider communication, promoting collaborative diagnosis and facilitating clinical decision-making support.

Data & Security

Absolutely yes. We understand how painful and time-consuming a migration can be. That’s why we provide you with a migration support service tailored to your specific needs that will get you up and running in a matter of days. The service involves an agent from our team working with you (or your assistant), at your location, with the goal to manually digitize existing paper records and/or migrate your existing electronic health records to Collaborate. The service is usually provided for free or may include some expense fees in case there is much manual digitization work involved. Contact our sales team for more information.
Security and privacy of the highest standards is our most important priority. Collaborate has initiated the processes to receive ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITECH and EU-US Privacy Shield certifications. Patient related data and other sensitive information is encrypted and securely stored at AWS, the world’s leading cloud computing service provider. In addition, we follow GDPR recommendations and have adopted industry best practices such as pseudonymization and data-masking to make sure data remains protected even at the unfortunate event of a security breach.
The data belongs to you and your patients. If you wish to unsubscribe we will extract and submit back to you all patient related information in a machine readable format (csv or excel). Optionally, we can keep your records for up to 12 months in case you wish to re-subscribe in the future. After that period all data will be deleted from our servers.


Absolutely not. Collaborators can sign up at Collaborate, access the patient cases you have shared with them and share their opinion with you for free.
Of course. All medical specialties can be invited from a signed-up doctor in order to use the platform for collaboration.
No, assuming that you have received the patient’s consent to share their medical records (even when this happens anonymously). On the contrary, you are breaking many privacy and security regulations when you share sensitive medical data such as exams or photos via email, whatsup or viber.
Absolutely yes. Collaborate helps you easily share a patient’s medical record with a colleague but the patient’s personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, address or medical ID remains hidden.
Of course. Upon your invitation, all patients can access their medical and administrative information from our Patient Portal (i.e. care plans and prescriptions, appointments, medical resources etc).


Each country has set up its own healthcare structure and regulations and follows its own communication protocols. If clinical data are aligned to and available via the Health Level Seven (HL7) international standards, then transfer of data could be possible.
Collaborate’s vision is to bring together all medical care delivery team members including doctors and medical practitioners from diagnostic centers. This feature is not yet available but we are working with well-establsihed diagnostic centers to make it happen.

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