There’s no “one size fits all” solution in healthcare. Each medical practice has its own unique challenges, needs and particularities. That’s why we decided to specialize Collaborate only for Pediatricians and General Practitioners.

Pediatricians and GPs are in need of Collaborate’s communication and coordination features more than any other medical specialty.

Frequent communications

Pediatricians receive at least 10-50 messages from parents on a weekly basis (whatsup, viber & sms) and constantly struggle to follow up on them.

High severity of errors

Research reveals missed cancer, infections and cardiovascular diseases as the leading categories of harmful diagnostic errors, therefore GPs need more urgently tools and solutions to address misdiagnosis.

Greater need for coordination

In both specialties, practitioners constantly need to monitor and engage with patients through inefficient telephone-based outreach, consult/refer to experts and colleagues and coordinate with other medical providers in a medical care delivery process that is highly fragmented.

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